First Visit

First Visit

During your first visit, you will be provided with a snack and drink upon arrival and asked to relax in our massage chairs while Dr Byers reviews your paperwork and Front Desk Reception prepares your file to see Kent Chiropractor.

When you meet with Dr Byers, he will review your health history and gather information about you, your life, and your current health condition, in order to determine what care will be most appropriate. We provide state of the art health diagnostic technology certified by NASA and also if necessary, X-rays will be taken and developed in our office. We provide a FREE 30 MINUTE MASSAGE to all New Clients and if the massage is booked at your visit, we will offer you a FREE SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY visit instead. Either way, you will be treated with the attention and care you deserve. To end off your visit, you will be given a WELCOME GIFT with your appointment card. Chiropractor Kent
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During your report day, usually the following day, Dr Byers goes over all your diagnostic findings and with your health problems detected and verified, Dr Byers discusses with his over 10 years experience in helping thousands and thousands of patients, what care has been effective in speeding the recovery and asks if you want to do the care. Chiropractor Kent, if you decide to follow Dr Byers expert advice, all payment arrangements as well as schedule and frequency will be handled by the Front Desk Reception. This visit includes your first care day including Chiropractic care and most of the time, some additional therapy either Spinal Decompression, Massage and/or Physical. Kent Chiropractors are here for you.
















We know that you will enjoy your time with us – in fact, that is what is most important to us. Chiropractor Kent. Don’t hesitate to call, you deserve to be here with us. Don’t live with pain anymore, start your road to natural health – we will help you one step at a time because IMPROVING YOUR LIFE IS OUR PROMISE. Call us for FREE DR CONSULTATION at 253-852-1250.

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