Massage Therapy

-Headaches and Tension
-Back and Neck Pain
-Extremity Pain

Who Can Benefit From Massage Therapy?

-Car Accident Victims
-Work Injury Victims
-Fibromyalsia conditions
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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How Much Does A Massage Therapy Session Cost?

After we check your insurance benefits and if none, we go over the cash rates (no one beats our price!). We accept all major insurance plans including Auto Accident and Work Injury Claims, Regence, Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, etc.

Trigger Point Massage for Car Accidents and Work Injuries:

After an accident, your muscles are tense and fatigued, a massage is very healing and speeds up recovery time dramatically. Used mostly in conjunction with other care, massage for a car accident or work injury usually covered by your insurance.

Deep Tissue Massage -

Applies targeted pressure to deep tissues damaged from injury or chronic muscular tension patterns. This massage eases chronic muscle knots and pain, restores joint mobility, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, assists in correcting postural dysfunctions like curvature of the spine, and often relieves the numbness and pain of repetitive-use injuries. Chiropractor Kent Kent Chiropractors are here to serve you in your massage in kent wa needs.

Deep tissue massage releases adhesions in the fascia and can be quite intense. This type of massage is recommended for those who get regular bodywork and are accustomed to heavy pressure.

Relaxation Massage -

Relaxation massage helps balance and restores every part of your body! Tension-taming Swedish massage techniques are used to relax muscles and improve circulation while targeting specific areas to relieve chronic pain and muscle fatigue, reduce water retention, and improve joint flexibility.

Craniosacral Therapy -

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) helps correct brain and spinal cord restrictions so the body can release the effects of stress — naturally. It is a gentle technique performed on a fully clothed body. Using a light touch — no greater than the weight of a nickel — the wave-like rhythm of your spinal fluid circulation is evaluated and treated. Massage in Kent helps common injuries like a blow to the head, whiplash, bruised tailbone, or a difficult birth process can create restrictions in the cranio-sacral system, which extends from the bones of the skull, face, and mouth, to the tailbone.


This technique was revolutionized in the mid-1970′s by the osteopathic physician Dr. John Upledger. Applying subtle hand pressure to the head and base of the spine, restrictions causing undue pressure on the brain and spinal cord can be released. Since the craniosacral system directly impacts the central nervous system, an imbalance may cause sensory, motor, or neurological disability.

CranioSacral is an amazing therapy that is used to improve the functioning of the central nervous system and immune system and enhance overall health and vitality. CST is a wonderful adjunct to your regular chiropractic treatments.

Research strongly suggests that the birth process is responsible for many brain dysfunctions and central nervous system problems. CST performed within the first few days of life could potentially reduce a wide variety of difficulties, massage in kent has many of which might not become apparent until your child is in school.

CST is chosen for babies, children and adults because of its ability to bolster resistance to disease and may be effective for health problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including:

Colic, Vomiting, & Failure-To-Thrive Syndrome
Chronic Head, Neck & Back Pain
Central Nervous System Disorders
Autism And Down Syndrome
Insomnia & Chronic Fatigue
Fibromyalgia And Other Connective-Tissue Disorders
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder
Neurovascular Or Immune Disorders
Motor And Hearing Impairments
Dizziness, Vertigo, And Tinnitus
Cerebral Palsy
Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

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